I really like a lot of what Hillary Clinton has to say about education reforms but I’m not sure how she plans to accomplish all of her goals.  However, that isn’t the point at the moment.  I’m sure once the democrats have settled who is going to be their candidate more program specifics will be forthcoming.  Here are a few of her ideas for how to reform education.

Early Childhood Education

  • Programs to help develop the parenting skills of new parents.
    • I’ve said for the longest time I thought children should come with manuals so this might be a good thing.  At the same time I’m not sure how I feel about the government telling me how to raise my children.  I suppose it will depend on the details.
  • Pre-Kindergarten for all four year olds.
    • This is nice, especially for parents who are either having trouble affording day care or who can’t afford a nice preschool.


  • She wants to end No Child Left Behind
    • Love that, but again I wonder what it will be replaced with.  You know the old saying the devil you know…
  • Create “green schools”
    • I think it would be great for all new schools to be built with green technology.  I have visions of solar power, gardens on the roof, and compost piles.  Will be interesting to see if my imagination and reality are similar.
  • She has a variety of ways to help students who aren’t successful in a traditional setting.  For example – early college high schools, multiple ways to graduate, internships, and job programs.
    • Love this.  Part of my problem with NCLB is that it doesn’t really help students who just don’t do well in school.  I’d love for those students to have alternative ways to be successful.


  • $3500 tax credit
    • Sounds helpful
  • Increase the maximum Pell Grant
    • I used this grant when I was in college and it was very helpful.  However, I lived in an area that had relatively inexpensive college classes and I’m not sure it would have been enough if I’d been at a larger university.
  • Increase money for AmeriCorps participants
    • We’ve had AmeriCorps volunteers at most of the schools I’ve been at and they are great.  I think this would be a wonderful way to recruit more people to the program.

If you are interested in more of Hillary Clinton’s policies on education you can read about them here.

What do you think about the proposed education changes?  What do you think about Hillary Clinton?