The essay definition of thesis it’s a one sentence statement that presents an argument which is an opinion and which the whole essay will be about since the whole essay will be about the thesis it appears early in the essay in the introduction paragraph remember our five paragraph structure the thesis makes an early entrance as I’ll show you later in the  now I’ll explain what the concept of thesis has to do with the essay assignments I’m giving you if you’re in my class you will be assigned two essays in this class I call them essay one and essay 2 an essay one you’ll be expected to use newspapers as sources but an essay two you’ll use peer reviewed journals you will first start by writing out lines for the essays so the thesis choices will be on the unit tab where the outline is assigned for each essay one and two the theses will be assigned this means you do not have to come up with your own thesis. Read more useful info on essay statements on Edusson.

In fact your grade will be in trouble if you come up with your own thesis because the assignment is you have to pick one of the two sides of an argument now I know there are many sides to every argument but I just boiled it down to two so it would make the assignment easier for both of us to handle now from class to class I’m going to mix up the choices of theses I assigned each time but I made some sample essays I posted on eLearning on the essay resources tab for some example theses I will not use so let me show you those example theses see how we have choice 1 and choice – let me read them choice 1 this paper will argue that Obamacare caused many changes but overall it was a failure choice 2 this paper will argue that Obamacare cosmetic changes but overall it was a success so if these were the real essay theses you had to choose from you would have to pick choice 1 or choice 2 then you’d have to build the rest of your essay around your chosen thesis by giving you a choice between the two.

I thought it would make it easier for you to concentrate on the rest of the essay where you have to provide evidence to support the thesis so for the students in my class to turn in the essay you actually are supposed to post it on a discussion board for example essay 1 will be posted on the essay 1 discussion board to turn it in then the following class we will have essay discussions that’s where each student will read two essays from other students and post a response on each for a total of two responses each essay discussion response will be worth 2 points for a total of 4 points each must be 3 to 4 sentences and must compare the arguments made in the essays.