Month: August 2017

Helpful Essay of Online Education for Insurance Agents

Insurance business in the modern day is a thoroughly professional activity where insurance brokers, agents and consultants have to operate in a highly competitive environment. It is the reason that proper knowledge of the subject is essential for the success in the business for anyone. People concerned have to be very dynamic in collection of…

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Hillary Clinton and Education

I really like a lot of what Hillary Clinton has to say about education reforms but I’m not sure how she plans to accomplish all of her goals.  However, that isn’t the point at the moment.  I’m sure once the democrats have settled who is going to be their candidate more program specifics will be…

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First Year Teacher

I have a bit of a theme going lately, back to school.  I was thinking about all the first year teachers my old school just hired and was then thinking about my first year teaching.  I got very lucky my first year when I found an experienced teacher who took me under her wing.  She…

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